Colorful Resin Fashion Zipper Teeth With and Tape for Clothing

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Material: Plastic
Teeth: common teeth
Zipper type: close-end, open-end and two-way open-end can be done
Usage: Can be used in all kinds of occasions, generally used for autumn, winter clothing lapel zipper, children’s clothing is also available.
Brand name: G&E
Color of teeth: can be customized
Color of zipper tape: can be customized according to the color card and the color sample.
Puller: customized
Size: customized
Logo: customized according to the customer’s design
Sample: Free (freight collect)

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Resin zipper

According to the material of zippers, zippers are divided into three categories: metal zippers, nylon zippers, resin zippers. Metal zipper teeth are made of copper wire or aluminum wire through the tooth row machine, nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament wrapped around the center line by heating and pressing die, and resin zipper teeth are made of polyester plastic rice through dye matching and through injection molding machine.

Components of zippers


Zippers classification

Characteristics of resin zippers

1. Resin zipper can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to use in the pocket of clothing.
2. The commonly used zipper head is painted, and sometimes electroplated.
3. Resin zipper is based on copolymer formaldehyde material, the cost is betwween the nylon zipper and metal zipper. Zipper durability is better than metal zipper and nylon zipper.

How to choose the good resin zipper

1, the stoper of the resin zipper: the upper and lower stopper must be tightly fastened to the teeth or clamp on the teeth, must ensure its strong and perfect.
2, resin zipper slider selection: resin zipper head is more modeling, the finished product can be small and delicate, but also can be rugged. No matter what kind of puller is, it is necessary to feel the ease of pulling the head and if it is self-locking down
3, tape: the raw material of resin zipper cloth belt is polyester silk thread, sewing thread, core wire and other different kinds of silk wire composition, its component and coloring are different, so it is easy to produce color difference on the same zipper. At this point in the selection of tape, to choose uniform dyeing, no turbidity point, different cloth made of cloth are soft.

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