• How to measure the length of zipper

    After the length of the zipper is refers to the meshing of the length of the zipper under the natural state of flat, according to actual application. According to different forms of zipper, the zipper length concept is slightly different. Under the different forms of zip...
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  • Custom Logo Zipper Printing and Different Function

    The role of zipper in clothing design is mainly used to connect and fix clothing pieces, similar to the role of buttons, but different from them. If it is said that the button is aesthetically focused on the effect of points, zipper will emphasize the awareness of lines,...
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  • Vision Zipper Nylon Zipper Metal Zipper and Others

    Fashion designers will reflect the unique zipper in fashion design, emphasize the modeling changes of lines, provide energy and convey different emotions. The role of the zipper set decoration function and utility function for a suit, form various zipper, the material is...
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