Variable Zipper Slider with Different Size and Color for Clothing

Short Description:

Material: metal
Teeth: zipper slider
Usage: used on all kinds of zippers
Brand name: G&E
Color of teeth: can be customized
Size: customized
Logo: customized according to the customer’s design
Sample: Free (freight collect)

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Surface treatment of slider

The surface treatment of puller determines the quality and gloss of puller


Classification of slider

According to the different zipper material, the pull head should also be distinguished. The slider can be divided into metal slider, resin slider, nylon slider and invisible slider. Some pullers are universal, but the base is definitely different.

According to the surface treatment of the puller, the puller can be divided into spray painting and electroplating. Spray paint can be divided into machine spray and hand spray, electroplating can be divided into hanging plating and rolling plating.

Function of zippers

The role of zipper in clothing design is mainly used to connect and fix clothing pieces, similar to the role of buttons, but different from them. If it is said that the button is aesthetically focused on the effect of points, zipper will emphasize the awareness of lines, giving a smooth feeling. The zipper can be completed quickly and firmly at the time of wearing and taking off clothes, which can meet the psychological requirements of people in modern life who pursue relaxed, casual, convenient and safe. When connecting garment cutting pieces, the button can only play the role of fixing one point, but cannot be completely closed. There will be gaps between them. If the wearer needs to wear under closed body conditions, such as dust environment, the zipper can play a good sealing. Zipper can be completed quickly when wearing and taking off clothes, which is in line with the fast and efficient rhythm of wearing clothes under some special conditions. Therefore, zippers are usually used in sportswear, work clothes, casual wear and daily casual wear.

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