Vision Zipper Nylon Zipper Metal Zipper and Others

Fashion designers will reflect the unique zipper in fashion design, emphasize the modeling changes of lines, provide energy and convey different emotions. The role of the zipper set decoration function and utility function for a suit, form various zipper, the material is also varied. Zippers are a good material for designers to use.


The classification of the material

According to the material, the zippers can be classified nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper.
A nylon zipper- soft, smooth and colorful. Sprocket thinner, but good. Nylon zipper is widely applied in all kinds of garments and bags, especially used in high-end clothing underwear and thin fabrics.
Resin zipper, a strong toughness of the material, more wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the main feature is a wide range of temperature. Suitable for all kinds of sportswear.
Metal zipper, strong fastness, durable. The disadvantage is that sprockets tend to fall off or shift more easily than other types of zippers. Suitable for jeans, bags, etc.


The classification of the structure

Close-end zipper, the lower end of the zipper tooth, with a locking member, is fixed and can only be pulled apart from the top. This zipper is mostly used in ordinary bags.
Open-end zipper, there is no locking part at the lower end of the zipper tooth, plug into the bolt, up can be zipper, down can be separated. This zipper is widely used in clothing and other items that need to be unzipped frequently.
Double open-end zipper, which also called 2-way open-end zipper, there are two sliders in one zipper, easy to open or close from either end. This form of zipper is very suitable for large packaging bags, bedding, tents and so on.
Invisible zipper, that is, after stitching, zipper teeth are hidden, invisible zipper. Using it can make the finished garment look more beautiful, wearing, people are more comfortable. Generally suitable for wedding dress, dress and so on.

Post time: Apr-01-2022