Custom Logo Zipper Printing and Different Function

The role of zipper in clothing design is mainly used to connect and fix clothing pieces, similar to the role of buttons, but different from them. If it is said that the button is aesthetically focused on the effect of points, zipper will emphasize the awareness of lines, giving a smooth feeling. The zipper can be completed quickly and firmly at the time of wearing and taking off clothes, which can meet the psychological requirements of people in modern life who pursue relaxed, casual, convenient and safe. When connecting garment cutting pieces, the button can only play the role of fixing one point, but can not be completely closed. There will be gaps between them. If the wearer needs to wear under closed body conditions, such as dust environment, the zipper can play a good sealing. Zipper can be completed quickly when wearing and taking off clothes, which is in line with the fast and efficient rhythm of wearing clothes under some special conditions. Therefore, zippers are usually used in sports wear, work clothes, casual wear and daily casual wear.


Requirements and features to the garment zipper

Zipper clothing should meet the following requirements and have certain characteristics.

Convenient and simple -- because of the simple operation of the zipper, it can meet the needs of accelerating the pace of people's life. The use of zipper in military uniform can meet the need of military speed.

Security is tight -- when certain work uniform uses clasp, cannot have close effect to the body, existence safety hidden trouble, easy cause inductrial injury accident. Zipper is used in the pocket of clothes to make the items inside not easy to lose. Winter wear using zipper can play a tight, warm effect.

Flexible change - modern lifestyle diversification, complexity, people seeking new and different psychological increasingly enhanced, clever use of double open tail zipper, clothing wearing ways diversification, personalized, some parts can be disassembled freely, produce style changes.

Integrity -- Some clothes need to be put on and taken off in the design, and the use of invisible zippers can make the clothes more overall coordination. For women's dresses and gowns, the soft and smooth invisible zipper makes the clothes more smooth and complete, so that the beauty of women's curves, has been perfectly presented.


Dexterity and power sense -- the linear shape of zipper with unique charm gives people a sense of dexterity and power when it is used in clothing. It is more prominent than a straight line feeling, can play a strong decorative role. Zipper sewing in the effect is quite wide of the fabric business, its linear feeling is more prominent. Clothing because of the zipper embellishment, more can reflect the strong male strength, hard straight strength. Because the change of line is very important in clothing style design, the structure of zipper itself has the visual characteristics of rough and bold line. Therefore, the use of zipper to show the design of lines has become the focus of designers in clothing design. In order to emphasize the personalized style of clothing and enrich the design language, zippers are often applied to the position of clothing parting line and splicing line, skillfully applied to dart, splicing place, pocket, front to enhance the visual aesthetic effect.

Casualness and comfortableness -- in the spare time of tense work, the jacket made by using zipper is convenient, casual and comfortable.

Sense of rhythm: The linear shape of the zipper and other connecting lines in the garment are arranged and combined in different lengths and directions to form a sense of rhythm and increase the charm of the garment.

Zipper innovation


In order to adapt to the change of the modern clothing market, in view of the special power demand and the zipper manufacturing enterprises enjoy the development innovation, production design highly personalized fashion products, such as: fire zipper, waterproof zipper, etc., using the techniques of special zipper, make its have waterproof, fire power, suit needs for special assignments.  Zipper products continue to enrich, home textiles, bags, footwear and sporting goods and other fields are also developing rapidly.  In the next few years, environmental protection zipper will become a trend, foreign market new environmental protection instructions frequency, "low pollution, low energy consumption, low carbon" three low environmental protection zipper will be vigorously developed.

Post time: Apr-01-2022