About Us


Hangzhou shenglan zipper co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China.

Where is also the headquarter of ALIBABA group and the host of the G20 summit in 2016, and It's just 50 minutes by high-speed train from Shanghai.

We own a number of intelligent production lines and perfect testing equipment. Our company specialize in producing and supplying all kinds of highend zippers with ourown brand G&E zipper.

Our product covers metal zipper, resin zipper, nylon zipper, stealth zipper, water-proof zipper etc.

How to ensure the quality

In order to ensure product quality, our company has established a testing laboratory, equipped with zipper comprehensive strength tester, zipper composite pull times tester, salt spray test box, dry and wet color fastness tester, washing tester and other professional testing equipment. At the same time with manual and infrared inspection and ERP system. This can help us to ensure every zipper manufactured by our company can be done from the source to the finished product layers of quality assurance and traceability.

Mother zipping up daughter's jacket. Little girl's mother helping her to get dressed and zipping her coat.

Our QC is very professional and has been engaged in this industry for 8 years. In case defective products will be delivered to customers, we will check many times before leaving the factory. The defective rate of mass goods can reach below 1/3000.

Hangzhou Shenglan zipper with her brand G&E zipper has been certified by GSG and OEKO. Our company cooperate with many well-known brands like GUESS, ZARA, Armani, TIFFI, CHCH, LOVE REPUBLIC etc.


What we can do

In order to serve customers better, we have spent more than 8 million yuan to purchase professional equipment.

We can serve more than 200 customers at the same time and meet customer quick reverse order capacity. Order under 5000 pieces can be completed within 2-5 days.