Hot High Quality Waterproof Nylon Zipper with Multi Colors

Short Description:

Material: nylon
Teeth: common waterproof zipper
Zipper type: close-end, open-end and two-way open-end can be done
Usage: Can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to use in sports clothes, shoes, bedding, bags, tents
Brand name: G&E
Color of teeth: can be customized
Color of zipper tape: can be customized according to the color card and the color sample.
Puller: customized
Size: customized
Logo: customized according to the customer’s design
Sample: Free (freight collect)

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Waterproof zipper

Waterproof zipper is a branch of nylon zipper, is through some special processing of nylon zipper. Commonly used characteristic treatment, including stick PVC film, stick TPU film, waterproof agent immersion, waterproof zipper coating and so on.

Waterproof zipper is mainly used in the rain can play a waterproof function. Waterproof zipper is widely used in: cold clothing, ski clothing, down jacket, sailing clothing, diving suit, tent, vehicle and boat cover, raincoat, motorcycle raincoat, waterproof shoes, fire clothing, bags, emergency clothing, fishing clothing and other waterproof related series of products.

Components of zippers


Zippers classification

01 close-end
02 open-end
03 two-way open-end
04 close-end with two reverse pullers
05 open-end with two reverse pullers

Zipper innovation

In order to adapt to the change of the modern clothing market, in view of the special power demand and the zipper manufacturing enterprises enjoy the development innovation, production design highly personalized fashion products, such as: fire zipper, waterproof zipper, etc., using the techniques of special zipper, make its have waterproof, fire power, suit needs for special assignments. Zipper products continue to enrich, home textiles, bags, footwear and sporting goods and other fields are also developing rapidly. In the next few years, environmental protection zipper will become a trend, foreign market new environmental protection instructions frequency, "low pollution, low energy consumption, low carbon" three low environmental protection zipper will be vigorously developed.

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