Factory Wholesale Long Chain Nylon Zipper in Rolls and Piece

Short Description:

Material: nylon
Teeth: common nylon zipper
Zipper type: close-end, open-end and two-way open-end can be done
Usage: Can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to use in sports clothes, shoes, bedding, bags, tents
Brand name: G&E
Color of teeth: can be customized
Color of zipper tape: can be customized according to the color card and the color sample.
Puller: customized
Size: customized
Logo: customized according to the customer’s design
Sample: Free (freight collect)

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Nylon zipper

Fashion designers will reflect the unique zipper in fashion design, emphasize the modeling changes of lines, provide energy and convey different emotions. The role of the zipper set decoration function and utility function for a suit, form various zipper, the material is also varied. Zippers are a good material for designers to use.

This kind of zipper was born and invented when metal materials were seriously lacking. This kind of material is mainly polyester based material with low cost, and it is also a kind of zipper that is popular in the market at present. The chain tooth of the zipper is spiral, and it is also a special one in the zipper series, so there is no single tooth displacement strength item in its physical index.

Components of zippers


Zippers classification

01 close-end
02 open-end
03 two-way open-end
04 close-end with two reverse pullers
05 open-end with two reverse pullers

Why choose us-Good quality

In order to ensure product quality, our company has established a testing laboratory, equipped with zipper comprehensive strength tester, zipper composite pull times tester, salt spray test box, dry and wet color fastness tester, washing tester and other professional testing equipment. At the same time with manual and infrared inspection and ERP system. This can help us to ensure every zipper manufactured by our company can be done from the source to the finished product layers of quality assurance and traceability.

Our QC is very professional and has been engaged in this industry for 8 years. In case defective products will be delivered to customers, we will check many times before leaving the factory. The defective rate of mass goods can reach below 1/3000.

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